Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Apparently, Echidnas lay eggs.

They are among the few mammals that lay eggs. Well, one of TWO main mammals in the WORLD that lay eggs. So they're pretty special. I wonder why the creators at Sega decided an Echidna would be a good idea--not like they're bad or anything, but really? WTF? The echidnas look nothing like IRL echidnas anyway.

So here's Tikal with an egg (relative to her size, I guess). Sonic's freaking out and Knuckles is just like, "Dude, STFU." xD

Baby echidnas are called Puggles. 8D

Monday, March 7, 2011


So, I am really, rilly, really proud of this one. 8D

I liek the bottom one better, because it's more believable. The top one just looks a little wonky. I've submitted this to DA and asked for critique (even though I can't OFFICIALLY ask for critique, maybe once I earn some moolah, I'll buy premium membership).

My dad helped me out a little with them (cuz I was over at his house and I showed it to him), and he made the fingers a bit fatter. I tried to make them skinny, cuz they're supposed to be a woman's fingers. But I guess they can be a sorceress/witch/hag's fingers, too. xD

And I also tried to make the top one look like a dragon lady's hand, and the bottom one look like an ice faerie's hand. Cuz yeah, it's fire and ice. Dude.