Monday, March 7, 2011


So, I am really, rilly, really proud of this one. 8D

I liek the bottom one better, because it's more believable. The top one just looks a little wonky. I've submitted this to DA and asked for critique (even though I can't OFFICIALLY ask for critique, maybe once I earn some moolah, I'll buy premium membership).

My dad helped me out a little with them (cuz I was over at his house and I showed it to him), and he made the fingers a bit fatter. I tried to make them skinny, cuz they're supposed to be a woman's fingers. But I guess they can be a sorceress/witch/hag's fingers, too. xD

And I also tried to make the top one look like a dragon lady's hand, and the bottom one look like an ice faerie's hand. Cuz yeah, it's fire and ice. Dude.

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