Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Apparently, Echidnas lay eggs.

They are among the few mammals that lay eggs. Well, one of TWO main mammals in the WORLD that lay eggs. So they're pretty special. I wonder why the creators at Sega decided an Echidna would be a good idea--not like they're bad or anything, but really? WTF? The echidnas look nothing like IRL echidnas anyway.

So here's Tikal with an egg (relative to her size, I guess). Sonic's freaking out and Knuckles is just like, "Dude, STFU." xD

Baby echidnas are called Puggles. 8D

Monday, March 7, 2011


So, I am really, rilly, really proud of this one. 8D

I liek the bottom one better, because it's more believable. The top one just looks a little wonky. I've submitted this to DA and asked for critique (even though I can't OFFICIALLY ask for critique, maybe once I earn some moolah, I'll buy premium membership).

My dad helped me out a little with them (cuz I was over at his house and I showed it to him), and he made the fingers a bit fatter. I tried to make them skinny, cuz they're supposed to be a woman's fingers. But I guess they can be a sorceress/witch/hag's fingers, too. xD

And I also tried to make the top one look like a dragon lady's hand, and the bottom one look like an ice faerie's hand. Cuz yeah, it's fire and ice. Dude.

Friday, February 25, 2011


If anyone from DA realizes that alot of my art is on a certain DA account, don't worry. It's me. xD I just happened to reuse alot of stuff, because I figured I'd get more of an audience on DA than here on blogger. While blogger is fun, it's not the awesome art community that DA is. Blogger is mostly full of women in their mid forties complaining about everyday things that don't really matter. xDD BUT WE ALL NEED A PLACE TO VENT RIGHT? AND WE CAN'T JUST KEEP IT ALL IN A LITTLE PAPER JOURNAL NO? I post some art here cuz I figure when/if I get famous, I can refer people to more than one overloaded site. xD This is also the site where I post art that I really REALLY like. ALSO I can't access DA from school. T^T

Anyway, I effin love my little Momonto. I've changed up his purpose and personality, but never his design. He's actually more of a monk dude now, a wandering warrior with a fighting style like Kilik. Cuz Kilik is badass and Son had an obsession with him once... or something.

Oh yeah, and Momonto is actually genderless. Waste leaves through one exit (sorta like a seastar). But Momonto gets to be a "he" cuz "he" is the more dominant pronoun when you think of him.

He likes hot tea and meditating at the asscrack of dawn. It would get annoying if he were the noisy type, but Momonto's pretty silent, wise in the ways of the world, never gets on your bad side. He knows very few people; me and a couple others he's met on his spiritual journey. He hangs out at my house often cuz he gets free meals, but any other time he's out somewhere in the world, just chillin', sleeping out in trees and communicating with others as little as possible.

I don't know what he believes, but I know for a fact that his beliefs mean that he isolates himself most of the time and he meditates alot. He also refuses to eat food with too much flavor (which is dope at my house, cuz alot of the food in my house is uber fatty and full of flavor xD so whenever he's over, he eats very little. I gotta buy him pita bread and stuff xD). He also can't attatch himself to material things and absolutely hates the fact that our world is such a place for it. He doesn't exactly scoff when he sees a spoiled 16 year old girl with her brand new range rover and she throws a shit fit over what color it is, he just kinda sighs and gets sad and goes off to meditate. He believes that his real home lies in a spiritual realm rather than this worldly one, which is why he moves around alot. Nowhere is home, just temporary hotel service. I guess you can say that Momonto is somewhat Bhuddist, except he doesn't believe in Bhudda. He just believes that this world is not his home. I'm not sure if the "attachment to material things" rule applies to other sapient beings, because he seems to regard other sapients as equals. Or something. I don't really know.

The only reason Momonto wields a staff is because there's evil out in the world. He's gotta defend himself SOMEHOW. His staff is a non-lethal weapon, and he'll only use it if he's in SERIOUS danger. If he is not attacked first, he won't do so much as lift a finger. If he's bothered, he'll just leave. He's a pretty simple creature. I just love him so much.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


"Dear yellow-eyed girl: My name is Billy and I saw you the other day at the merry-go-'round. I think you are very pretty and I like your blue dress and the songs you sing about angels. My mom says your dad is scary but I think he is strong and nice like a comic book hero. I got you a gift and put it in in the basement where nobody would find it. The secret code for the door is one-oh-eight-oh. I hope you like it. I will wave the next time I see you so you know it it's me."
Possibly my favorite quote from Bioshock 2. As it turns out, once you get to that place Billy left his gift, you find a purple gift box with nothing but a rose inside. You can't use the rose in any way, shape or form, but I think it's such a cute, innocent gesture from a child infatuated with a Little Sister.
This girl began as something different; She was supposed to hold her hands out towards the person seeing it, but I suck at perspective drawing, especially hands. So I erased it all but kept her face. In the end, I gave her a rose in her hands and thought about this quote. She's much older and larger than a Little Sister (she could possibly be a Big Sister without the armor), but it still works.
Happy January Furst, Ya'll.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I made a dragon!
A few years ago, for Christmas, my dad gave me a stuffed Asian Lung. I named him Chi Fu, after the assistant to the emperor in Mulan. Once I got my new sketchbook, I decided to make a little sketch of him. This is the result. I like his face, but his right arm/hand is a little weird.

The lady on the right here is some sort of battle chick. With a mohawk. She belongs in WoW or something. I dunno. I wanted to make a mount for her, so I asked my dad what it should look like. Lo and behold, the Ponydile. Half horse, half crocodile/ alligator. I like the way it looks. It maketh me happy.

This last one is Momonto.

I made Momonto years ago as a sort of "fanfic" character for a show I was currently watching, Di-Gata Defenders. The show has a plethora of awesome creatures on it, most of them guardians to these kids they call "defenders of Di-Gata". I guess. I don't really remember. I just thought it was cool. I want to watch it now.

But now, Momonto is without a fanfic origin. He's more like Reepicheep from the Narnia series, who, by the way, is extremely kickass.

I love his little manatee-esque face. I was told he looks like a Shaman.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I was drawing some UBER barbie-doll-looking chick before I made this. I disgusted myself. I didn't want anything to do with that anime-hentai shit (okay, it wasn't anime OR hentai, but it was annoyingly girly) and I suddenly wanted to draw a creature with muscles. Not just any muscles, beyond beefy-musclinator muscles. So I did. This is the result.

It's some demon guy. I'm not good at making eyes at such a small distance, so I subsituted horns. I got the idea from another picture I drew long ago, where the creature had eyes for horns as well--only it was less humanoid. I want to do this same thing from the front, only I'd have to draw genitalia, and that's something I'm not comfortable with. D8< Me no likey the junk hanging outta da trunk.

I like the hands. That's pretty much what I started with, anyway. Ugly nails makes for a cool creature.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Thank God for GIMP.

I put this as my Web Design computer background. Tee hee.

It's not real art, but I love that video, and all the t-shirts associated with it. Fo sho.