Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I made a dragon!
A few years ago, for Christmas, my dad gave me a stuffed Asian Lung. I named him Chi Fu, after the assistant to the emperor in Mulan. Once I got my new sketchbook, I decided to make a little sketch of him. This is the result. I like his face, but his right arm/hand is a little weird.

The lady on the right here is some sort of battle chick. With a mohawk. She belongs in WoW or something. I dunno. I wanted to make a mount for her, so I asked my dad what it should look like. Lo and behold, the Ponydile. Half horse, half crocodile/ alligator. I like the way it looks. It maketh me happy.

This last one is Momonto.

I made Momonto years ago as a sort of "fanfic" character for a show I was currently watching, Di-Gata Defenders. The show has a plethora of awesome creatures on it, most of them guardians to these kids they call "defenders of Di-Gata". I guess. I don't really remember. I just thought it was cool. I want to watch it now.

But now, Momonto is without a fanfic origin. He's more like Reepicheep from the Narnia series, who, by the way, is extremely kickass.

I love his little manatee-esque face. I was told he looks like a Shaman.


  1. I appreciated the bunny at the bottom of the dragon.

    I wish I could draw all sketchy-y, like outlining the body before going into detail, but I never do.

    I LIKE MOMONTO'S MOUTH! And hair, and pretty much everything :3