Saturday, January 1, 2011


"Dear yellow-eyed girl: My name is Billy and I saw you the other day at the merry-go-'round. I think you are very pretty and I like your blue dress and the songs you sing about angels. My mom says your dad is scary but I think he is strong and nice like a comic book hero. I got you a gift and put it in in the basement where nobody would find it. The secret code for the door is one-oh-eight-oh. I hope you like it. I will wave the next time I see you so you know it it's me."
Possibly my favorite quote from Bioshock 2. As it turns out, once you get to that place Billy left his gift, you find a purple gift box with nothing but a rose inside. You can't use the rose in any way, shape or form, but I think it's such a cute, innocent gesture from a child infatuated with a Little Sister.
This girl began as something different; She was supposed to hold her hands out towards the person seeing it, but I suck at perspective drawing, especially hands. So I erased it all but kept her face. In the end, I gave her a rose in her hands and thought about this quote. She's much older and larger than a Little Sister (she could possibly be a Big Sister without the armor), but it still works.
Happy January Furst, Ya'll.

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