Friday, February 25, 2011


If anyone from DA realizes that alot of my art is on a certain DA account, don't worry. It's me. xD I just happened to reuse alot of stuff, because I figured I'd get more of an audience on DA than here on blogger. While blogger is fun, it's not the awesome art community that DA is. Blogger is mostly full of women in their mid forties complaining about everyday things that don't really matter. xDD BUT WE ALL NEED A PLACE TO VENT RIGHT? AND WE CAN'T JUST KEEP IT ALL IN A LITTLE PAPER JOURNAL NO? I post some art here cuz I figure when/if I get famous, I can refer people to more than one overloaded site. xD This is also the site where I post art that I really REALLY like. ALSO I can't access DA from school. T^T

Anyway, I effin love my little Momonto. I've changed up his purpose and personality, but never his design. He's actually more of a monk dude now, a wandering warrior with a fighting style like Kilik. Cuz Kilik is badass and Son had an obsession with him once... or something.

Oh yeah, and Momonto is actually genderless. Waste leaves through one exit (sorta like a seastar). But Momonto gets to be a "he" cuz "he" is the more dominant pronoun when you think of him.

He likes hot tea and meditating at the asscrack of dawn. It would get annoying if he were the noisy type, but Momonto's pretty silent, wise in the ways of the world, never gets on your bad side. He knows very few people; me and a couple others he's met on his spiritual journey. He hangs out at my house often cuz he gets free meals, but any other time he's out somewhere in the world, just chillin', sleeping out in trees and communicating with others as little as possible.

I don't know what he believes, but I know for a fact that his beliefs mean that he isolates himself most of the time and he meditates alot. He also refuses to eat food with too much flavor (which is dope at my house, cuz alot of the food in my house is uber fatty and full of flavor xD so whenever he's over, he eats very little. I gotta buy him pita bread and stuff xD). He also can't attatch himself to material things and absolutely hates the fact that our world is such a place for it. He doesn't exactly scoff when he sees a spoiled 16 year old girl with her brand new range rover and she throws a shit fit over what color it is, he just kinda sighs and gets sad and goes off to meditate. He believes that his real home lies in a spiritual realm rather than this worldly one, which is why he moves around alot. Nowhere is home, just temporary hotel service. I guess you can say that Momonto is somewhat Bhuddist, except he doesn't believe in Bhudda. He just believes that this world is not his home. I'm not sure if the "attachment to material things" rule applies to other sapient beings, because he seems to regard other sapients as equals. Or something. I don't really know.

The only reason Momonto wields a staff is because there's evil out in the world. He's gotta defend himself SOMEHOW. His staff is a non-lethal weapon, and he'll only use it if he's in SERIOUS danger. If he is not attacked first, he won't do so much as lift a finger. If he's bothered, he'll just leave. He's a pretty simple creature. I just love him so much.


  1. I like how you create backstory for your characters. I've also never known any spoiled kids who throw fits over colors or cars or anything, unless it's on Sweet 16 (or whatever that MTV show was called).

    I never use DeviantArt or any real internet community cuz interacting with people online is a HUGE waste of time. (Well, kind of. I mean, you never really get to meet those people, and neither of you are doing anything but typing, when you could be doing something a lot more productive. Then again, I'm probably being a hypocrite right now, typing to you, ha)

    I've also never noticed who Blogger's meant for---I've never bothered reading other people's blogs or trying to get strangers to read mine. I just like the way internet format looks more, sometimes, esp when I write hugely long entries :3

  2. Thanks! It's a pastime of mine to make up stories for charries. Yeah, the girls on My Super Sweet 16 are the kinds of girls I'm talking about here. They're really annoying. It's like, "There are kids in Thailand who drool over the leftovers in your fridge, you ignorant twat! Get over yourself and appreciate what your parents give you! You're not going to die because your half-mil vehicle doesn't match your dress!"

    xD When on DeviantArt, I don't really interact much with peeps, except for those few that bother to interact with me. One guy thought Momonto looked really interesting and offered to draw him and I was liek, "ZOMG NO WAI I AM SO HONORED FJDKSJKGFOIENJFK." But I find it productive to give constructive criticism to those in need of it, like the 13-year-old girl just starting out her manga skills where every drawing of a character is a ninja with her hands behind her back. xD There's nothing wrong with being a hypocrite, except for being a hypocrite. xDD

    Blogger is kinda universal, I guess--I use it mostly to document my thoughts and whatnaught and talk to yew; other people can use it similarly, but some people like This Chick:

    use it to show off their skillz and spread the joy of their artwork by allowing others to emulate it. Some people are just supar famous and blog so that everyone and their grandmother knows what they're doing in the supermarket. xD I think it's all a matter of personal preference.