Wednesday, July 28, 2010


If anyone can guess the name of the red-brown one, you earn a cookie. 8D

I decided I wanted to try drawing something heartfelt for once, and this did trick. Tails and his mother never looked so warm and cuddly. Then again, you never see his mother in the first place. Only minutes after I scanned the picture did I look up the interwebs to see if Tails had a mother. Of course, in the comic, he does. And an uncle, too. She looks different from my Tail's mother, but I like mine better. She has glasses and chucks. I decided that any cool mother belonging to one of the coolest characters in a video game should own a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I just love Chucks. ♥♥♥

And the one on the right is an "inkless" picture of the same thing. I like how it looks. It's almost like a 3D-rendered image. 8D I'm so proud of my work. 83

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