Saturday, July 24, 2010


I tried making it look like a Fennec Fox. Didn't work--the ears are too small. But oh well. It looks nice anyway.

I usually color my subjects with reference to the actual thing, but this time, I figured since the fox looked really nothing like a true fennec, I would just make him some dusty colors. He's cute regardless, but I really wish I could have done a better job of making it look like the real thing. I don't really see many pictures of fennec foxes around here, let alone a real fennex fox, or even a taxidermy, so I just went with the flow. 8D

A kittydragon inspired by Yo Gabba Gabba! I really like this version of a kittydragon. It's all spikey and mean and evil, like dragons are supposed to be. I kind of wanted to draw wings, but I knew I would just screw it up in the end, so I just gave him a bunch of spikes to compensate. Yes, I realize that the Yo Gabba Gabba! kittydragon is a chick and this is a boy. Oh well. I make my creatures whatever I want them to be. If you want to take control, ask me to make you a piccy and I'll do it. 8D


  1. I really like the shade of blue that you used; it reminds me of an Andalite XD


    (I just don't know of what yet D: )