Friday, July 23, 2010


Good friends ask me to draw things for them, since I am an artist and I am fully equipped with paper, pencils, a scanner and photoshop program. This is the result.

I love pokemon. My favorite pokemon is Vulpix and Ninetails, but primarily Ninetales. I love foxes, anything that has to do with kitsunes or canines in general. They're just so friggin cute. 8D


  1. Their flames make me want to become a pyromaniac! XD

  2. xD I know! I love how the smudge tool can make such awesome flame effects!

  3. I'm definitely going to have to try that sometime---too bad I only have the Gimp, not Photoshopz D:

    Honestly, I have no idea what the heck I'm doing, when I color my pics on the computer, though, so I dunno that art programs should matter TOO much to meh.

    I randomly hit tools like, "Uh, I hope this does what I need it to do."

    Thank God there's a re-do button XD

  4. And an undo button! If not for that button I would be screwed for life! Too bad there isn't an undo button for the real world. That would be nice.

  5. ha, I actually meant "undo," in that last comment, but, yeah, both have saved mah life many times XD

    I also dunno that an undo button would be realistic for evvvveryone, especially with people in such close proximities with each other or people who're influential/important. Then, lives could TOTALLY change, and that would totally un-do un-doing things.

    Unless, as Marilyn Manson says, we are all gods of our own universes (or, no, the mormons say that, too, ha). THEN, only that one person's universe would change.

    I know, I mention Marilyn Manson a lot, but can I help it if he's just that awesome?

    Have you ever seen his music videos/listened to his music? IT'S AWESOME!!! The videos are extremely inspirational to me, as an artist (if I can be so vain as to call mahself one XD) and the lyrics are often dark, but clever.

    And, his autobiography, "The Long Road Out of Hell" is amazing! He's a really great, descriptive writer; again, in it, he uses a lot of dark imagery. I think his philosophical/religious/dream-world beliefs are beyond interesting!