Thursday, August 5, 2010


I just adore the mile-long collars and stuff. At the time I drew this (sometime last year), I wanted a YuGiOh character that was everything I loved about YuGiOh--awesome hair and facial features, mile-long collars and suits that look fancy but are worn casually. This is what I envisioned in Astridge. Here is his profile written on the back of the paper:

Name: Astridge Alexander Accalia
Age: 15
Personality: Short-tempered, loudmouth, no-nonsense attitude. Astridge is a cocked pistol and he knows it. He absolutely hates whiners, so anyone who dares whimper in his presence will get an earful. He often has a lot to say, and not all of it can be very respectful or relevant. He says what he feels on the spot, no matter who or what is around. Because of this some think he is a bit on the crazy side, but even those have become his loyal followers.
Misc info: Very powerful duelist. He uses a "fallen hero" themed deck that, when put into the right hands, can demolish enemies. Astridge is not afraid to flaunt or flex this power. He has a ring on a chain that he keeps as a memento of his family.
Role: Aside from the main plot, Astridge really doesn't exist. But because of his older sister, Vespera, he meets the five chosen of the Crimson Dragon, ultimately becoming part of the story.
Before these events, Astridge only met his sister in his dreams, but things changed and he met the group as the result of an automobile accident. He commands his legion to take care of the hurt group, especially unconscious Vespera. When she comes to, Astridge explains who he is (because she doesn't recognise him). A minor skirmish leads to an all-out duel between Astridge and Jack. A close call leaves both duelists at a draw, but things are still tight between the two afterwards. When the group leaves, Astridge extends his services to them, saying if they ever need help to just call--one of his gang members wouldn't be very far away. This leads to the group meeting a whole plethora of colorful characters and occasionally Astridge himself.


  1. When I was younger, ALL I ever drew was Yu-Gi-Oh related things. You make me wanna scan the old drawings, buttt, I'd feel like a cheater. (Somehow, I feel like my sketch blog should only consist of new things that I've made.)

    I also think that it's interesting---how you invent profiles for all of your drawn characters. I don't know that I do that, now, but, definitely, when I was in high school, I did. I think I stopped, mostly, cuz I started worrying it was dumb---when I'd flip through my old drawings and see the profiles I'd invented, I'd always feel embarrassed.

    Anyway, I like the detail on his hands---his right hand, especially, looks real, how it's folded like that, dunno.

  2. The hands, I have to say, are quite impressive. 8D But I'm especially proud of that duel disc. It took a long time with references in my only Shonen Jump magazine--but I finally got it to look like it does now. The only problem is, this pic can't be colored, because there is already shading in stuff on it...

    But never look back on the old stuff and think, "ew", because at the time, you thought it was okay--if you didn't you would have thrown it away (or at least I would have), so just think of it as a phase in your life rather than "ew". xD