Thursday, August 5, 2010


Drawn as a subject for the facebook graffitti contest. She ended up a little nonsymmetrical, less symmetrical than I would have liked, but she's still kinda pretty.

I wish I could earn enough money for a tablet, but lately, all of my money is going towards a) a vw bus, and b) regular spending money. And I haven't earned any money in a while, so that wish is looking pretty far away right now.
But still, the stuff I do with just a mouse looks amazing.


  1. At least you CAN drive?

    ha, I don't think I've driven, ever, except once, with Kara, in a church parking lot, for about ten minutes or less @.@

    My dad and MJ are convinced I can't handle it or something, though JESS has her license. I bet I'll be the oldest person ever, when/if I finally get it! (Um, on the bright side, I can be Callahan, when I'm older---I can just ride a bike to school, but I've never been trusted to do that, either---I have no idea how!)


    I liked the light color, added, on the nose---it added realism. And wait, do you always sketch in pencil, before you make Graffiti art?

  2. No, the old ones I just did on a whim--I needed to go seriously on this one, because I was actually competing, so I decided I needed something like a reference because it was going to suck if I didn't have one.

    And I add the light on the nose because in my experience, noses are usually greasy and shiny and catch light better than any other part of the body besides eyes.


    But I've never driven anything above a go-kart. xD I'm saving up for the future--I only have about $150 in my savings (maybe more, I dunno), so I have a long ways to go before I start driving.

    I haven't even gotten my permit. My parents say they're going to take me to the DMV this weekend but... I've heard that one before. >.< Not like I'm REALLY looking forward to driving, but it would be nice to know how in case I need to. I would also like to learn how to drive a stick shift. 8D

  3. Stick shift, ftw!

    (Not that I'd know---ha, everyone just makes it out to be so great. Like sex... ha, I would say that XD)

    Maybe graffiti tonight?

    Orrr, tomorrow? Orrr, there I go, putting life off again D:

  4. DUN EVAR PUT OFF LIFE xD Unless you're tired or hungry. Especially hungry. Don't deny that stomach. 8D

    BTW, my latest post in the day blog was blocked (it seems like they all are, lately... ¬_¬), so I shall reply here.

    Daniel send me a relationship request and was like, "OH WANNA BE MARRIED?" and I was like "SURE WHY NOT?" and he was like, "OHBBY." xD

    But yeah... I want that poem to have more meaning than the whale poem did, so I have to think harder on that one.. xD I think I'll start with something about a city I hate to be in (like this one) and I ask someone to burn it with me (as long as he/she's got the gasoline, I've got the matches). 8D

  5. Ah, well I qualify for the first portion: TIRED!

    But, Imma try to make something on Graffiti art now. (It could take aaaages, though, ah. Okay maybe like an hour XD)

    Sorry, I just thought it was weird---at first, once, I saw his profile and it said he was gay or interested in men, or going out with a guy, I dunno, SOMETHING to that effect. So, when it said you were married to him, I was like, "Say wut, Daniel?!"

    Your poem reminds me of a bunch of Green Day songs---namely, first coming to mind, "Murder City" and the St. Jimmy ones :3

  6. Yeah, he needs to come out of the closet. I'm his cover-up. xDD

  7. ha, I never knew the guy at PC, so I never thought anything of him. Sometimes, after school, he'd come up to talk to me and I'd just be like, "Zomg, I'm a loser! How the hell can you talk to me?!"

    He'd be like, "Uh, you want a sour gummy worm?"

    And I'd be like, "No?"

  8. Really? I've never known him to talk to people he doesn't know, but hey, it's Daniel. xD The kid's crazy.

    But whenever he came to visit us, sometimes he'd go an talk to his old friends, mostly guys I don't know. He's the kind of person who makes a lot of freinds, so.. yeah. I guess it shouldn't surprise me. xD

  9. I'm makin' graffiti art right now, but shh, you don't know that!