Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Made for an RP site I go on. She is a pirate. 8D She's not totally finished, but I used her as an avatar, because she is the charrie, after all. I imagined a pirate chick to be blonde, supertan (because of the ocean sun) and have long ropes of dreadlock hair. In her hair is anything and everything shiny-- precious gems, gold bands, rings knotted into the dreads to keep from falling. They have lost their luster but not their shine. She is dirty most of the time from not washing, but she doesn't really care.
What I like most about Deyhja is that she is a Jateri--a humanoid creature that is basically totally human but had horns on either their temples or behind their ears. Most Jateri have curled horns like a ram, but I gave Deyhja oryx horns to mix things up a bit.
This is her description on the site:

A young female Jateri with well-tanned skin and platinum blonde hair worn in decorated dreadlocks. She doesn't bother to wash it, since she is usually out at sea using only fresh water for drinking, so her once bright, fine hair is often described by others as dirty blonde or grey. Her eyes are round and owl grey, with lashes grown long and thick, adapted to block out the sun. Her face is a mix of heart-shaped and oval. She is small to medium in height, with a medium to small frame. Most of her body weight is muscle, yet she is not on her way to being a weightlifter. She is trim in figure, but is not without a girlish figure. The horns on her head are almost the same color as her hair, if only a little bit darker, browner. They are similar to that of an oryx and don't grow high off of her head, maybe about less than a foot tall. They are placed delicately on the temples, hidden in her dreadlock hair.

She wears clothes like any other pirate wears, if maybe just a little bit less covered. She wears her favorite jacket--a royal navy's coat with the sleeves cut off for ventilation. The summers on the sea get hot, as any good pirate should know. Underneath is a large sash tied around her breasts for both support and what little prudence she has. Her trousers are loose-fitting breeches tied at the waist with a sash. She wears no shoes and prefers to go anywhere barefoot. Shoes are alien on her feet.
Her personality, however, is unlike her coquettish looks. She's a lean, mean fighting machine--her weapons are the cutlass and pistol and isn't shy about using them. She hates being cheated and lied to, and those cheaters and liars are promptly shot, that is if she has any bullets, which she often doesn't, spending all the money she has on rum. So she'll try to be sneaky with the knives, but it usually ends in failure, so she'll compensate by getting drunk and stealing rum off of those who are more drunk than she.
She has a secret--she is a mother, or ex-mother. She doesn't know. She had a child when she was just a teen and left the baby on her parent's doorsteps and ran away from home. She doesn't know if the baby still lives because she knows that her parents were never fond of hers and her lover's bonding, so it could be dead for all she knows. She presumes it to be dead, but fantasizes at night that her child still lives and is looking for her.
So here is Deyhja the Pirate. 8D

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  1. Yaaaay!

    ha, I was waiting for you to post this here, on Blogger, so I could leave you an uber long comment.

    I really appreciate the antlers---they remind me of the Vexos, mixed a bit with Slipknot (yeah, the devil goat, or whatever Satanists use). I also appreciate the dreads---they remind me of something out of Avatar. (Sooo loved the creatures in that movie, despite what anyone says. I thought they were so creative.)

    Her clothes---esp how the collar's all popped like that---reminds me of Yami Yugi. And, actually, cuz she's all tan with bracelets, she reminds me of Yami Yugi, in general :3

    Her face shape reminds me of something out of a Bratz doll series, no offense, and wow does she have a long neck.

    ha, I like how her eyelashes are "adapted to block the sun." That reminds me of how, in my evolution class, we learned about brow ridges (basically foreheads) and who people with really large brow ridges (aka Neanderthals), basically had brow ridges for absolutely no reason---a professor tried wearing a heavy brow ridge for about a month and said it "did no good, but block out the sun, a bit." XD

    I think that's funny---about spending all of her money on rum, instead of bullets. I also think it's sad and interesting, about her being a mother. Her age confused me, though---I was like, "Um, is she fifteen?" when I first saw her ^^U